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Face Shields NHS and Key Worker Face Shields

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  • PPE Protection : Key worker face shield – ideal for NHS staff, Health care workers, Social workers, nursing homes, pharmacy staff,  Retail staff  and anyone who works closely with the general public
  • Re useable and Wipe able
  • Double sided Anti Fog
  • Comfort Head Sponge
  • Durable and light weight
  • Anti Glare
  • PPE  protection against  droplets ,Saliva and splashes
  • Adjustable to fit any size head
  • Made from the Anti-fog PET material of 0.30-0.35 mm thickness.

Personal Protection  Face Mask Shields provides you with the  first layer of protection against respiratory droplets, sneezes and airborne germs that you may come into contact with on a daily basis .

PPE Anti fog Face Shields as used by NHS teams throughout the UK , hospitals, NHS Trusts, A&E, ITU & GP’s, Bus and Train  drivers, Tube and underground workers, Retail Workers  , delivery drivers, construction workers, Warehouse workers .

PPE Face Shield

  • Used to protected from liquid chemical substances, saliva spread, small metal dusts in the laboratories, at hospitals and workplaces
  • Glass-clear visor is made from high quality PET plastic. To clean simply disinfect with alcohol.
  • Ideal to prevent the spread of infections such as COVID-19

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